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Using GaN Transistors in Power Modules

The old way of creating power modules with gallium-nitride power devices was to just substitute GaN devices for silicon equivalents in the module chassis. The resulting modules just didn’t perform up to their potential. As explained by 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ Jim Witham in this short video interview conducted by WHWT Media’s Lee Teschler, new module…

Webinar: The Benefits Of Gallium Nitride Power Switching Transistors

Download PDF Now > This webinar sponsored by RichardsonRFPD and hosted by IEEE GlobalSpec introduces 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ products and capabilities, and compares them to other GaN devices and silicon MOSFET devices. Examples in key applications are reviewed. Overview 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems) introduced Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors to the world in 2014, unveiling both 100V and 650V…

48V Mild Hybrid Systems

Market Needs and Technical Solutions Download Now > This presentation from AVL Engineering and Technology looks at the developing 48V mild hybrid market. The powertrains technological and regulatory drivers are reviewed as well as the challenges. This forward-looking analysis projects the market needs through 2020.