A Recap From PCIM 2018: GaN Moves From Lab To Commercialization


What a difference a year makes. GaN is no longer just being talked about in research papers as a possible game changer in power electronics. Rather, it is now the game changer.  GaN has reached commercialization status and has made its way into power systems and products from wireless transfer power devices, data center power supplies, AC adapters, to energy storage systems – creating a significant impact in multiple energy reliant industries.

The excitement and implementation of GaN was remarkably apparent at PCIM Europe 2018, which recently took place in Nuremberg, Germany and was attended by more than 11,600 professionals in power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management industries.

Here are our key takeaways from the conference:

  • Reaching commercialization stage – Four years ago, the major question coming from potential customers was, “How do I use GaN?” Now that the benefits are understood and proven – enabling reliable, smaller, lighter, more efficient and cost effective electronic systems, we’ve seen customers move from research into commercializing their first products with 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ solutions and expanding their product roadmap using GaN into their second-generation products. Many of our customer systems were displayed at PCIM showing confidence in GaN and how we’ve all come a long way in just a few short years.
  • Easy to incorporate into any power system design – If you thought that GaN may be difficult to use – think again! Barriers to widespread adoption of GaN transistors have disappeared. At the exhibition, in addition to customer systems, we displayed a multitude of products, including our record-setting GaN transistors: 100 V, 120 A, 5 mΩ GaN E-HEMT device, the highest current and power efficient 100 V GaN power transistor and 120 A, 650 V, 12 mΩ GaN E-HEMT, the world’s highest current rated GaN power transistor.

We also released a new virtual Circuit Simulation Tool that allows design engineers to evaluate 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ devices in a variety of topologies and compare application conditions before hardware or system construction. Because of the expanding GaN industry ecosystem and array of design tools, it’s never been easier to apply GaN transistors. Don’t forget to check out our Design Center that include application notes, evaluation kits, and reference designs.

  • More choices for GaN devices – The joint announcement we made with Rohm was well received by our customers and partners. 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems) and ROHM’s customers will now have the advantage of having two possible sources for compatible packaged GaN power switches presenting the widest selection of dual-sourced GaN devices ever.
  • High interest in 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ Point of View – We were excited about the support and buzz we received at the show, not only from the many visitors we received at our booth but in the speaker sessions we participated in. Some sessions were standing room only – highlighting the interest to know more and learn more.

氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems) had another great showing at PCIM as a result of the many product designs and releases by our customers. We look forward to next year’s conference and we’ll likely need a bigger booth to hold all of the customer systems that will be launching during the next 6-9 months!  Let us know how we can help you leapfrog your competition with implementation of our GaN by contacting us.