2023 Power Semiconductor Predictions

Profitability + Sustainability Drive $6 Billion GaN Growth

GaN Systems is proud to unveil its annual power semiconductor predictions for 2023. These predictions explore the overarching systemic changes underway around the global semiconductor supply chain and sustainability initiatives specific to key power-reliant industries.

We are at the inflection point for power GaN technology. Notwithstanding nearly three years of significant global economic and geopolitical headwinds, the GaN power semiconductor has established itself as a preferred product solution across multiple market segments, including data center, electric vehicle, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. It has accomplished this by uniquely solving some of the most pressing and critical power systems challenges around energy efficiency and design in these industries.

With the strong momentum of the electrification megatrend and an increasing number of products containing semiconductors, economic winners and losers will be determined mainly by those who can better manage their supply chains that not only enable the production of existing goods for businesses and consumers – yet stoke the fires of innovation for the near future.

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  • Global Supply Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Data Centers
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Consumer Electronics

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