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Thermal Models of 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ Industry-leading GaN Transistors Now on the Web

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GaN transistor thermal RC models enhance the accuracy of power system SPICE simulations

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 3, 2017 – 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems) has experienced a surge in the number of customers designing and deploying power systems using their GaN transistors. Customers have recognized that GaN devices significantly improve power efficiency and power density. By using GaN transistors instead of legacy silicon components; customers are gaining a competitive advantage as they enter the market with 50 W to 50 kW power systems that are up to 5X smaller and 3X lighter. To support customers who are modeling new systems using SPICE simulations, 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems) has released individual computer models for each of their products as well as a new application note, GN007, “Modeling Thermal Behavior of 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ GaNPX® Using RC Thermal SPICE Model”. The GN007 application note can be downloaded from the Download section of the company website. Individual models can be downloaded from their respective product page.

氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems)’ transistors are built in a feature-rich GaNPX® package which is designed for extreme speed and current. The low profile GaNPX package has high power dissipation and low inductance which enables fast, MHz power switching. Customers can now verify the package’s optimal thermal performance by using the SPICE model protocol demonstrated in GN007.

“Our customers are constantly pushing on design limits that only our GaN can enable,” states Larry Spaziani, VP of Sales and Marketing, 氮化镓系统 (GaN Systems). “We’ve invested in expert thermal simulations that use state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis tools to model our best-in-class power devices. The models have been converted into easy-to-use SPICE models and have been verified both in multiple simulation environments and in the test laboratory.”

Download GN007